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Usain Bolt

Can Usain Bolt run faster?

According to Australian's famed Kinesiologist/Naturopathic Physician, Trevor Savage, Yes. Using the Manual Technique of HYPERTON-X, Usain Bolt CAN RUN FASTER

How, Why,...During training, all of the body's systems Muscular, Nervous, etc..tend to “OverLoad”, accumulating imbalanced functions, tension, that leads to diminished Neuromuscular function, which eventually leads to Minimal performance, and injury.

Through the technique of APPLIED KINESIOLOGY – HYPERTON-X this problem is eliminated, the body is reset, Maxim Performance can be achievedSince 1984 HYPERTON-X applied in any Sports situation, has proved to be effective in achieving Maxim Performance.

The method of HYPERTON-X was invented by Applied Kinesiologist Professor, the Late Frank Mahony. In 1983, he began his FIRST ever athletic application on René Felton. Then 1981 U.S.A. 3 Time Jr. College National Record Holder, 1984 Olympic Hopeful, and Victim of Chron's DiseaseThe results of application of HYPERTON-X during her recovery phase from 4th life-saving operation was unprecedented. Within weeks after being released from Hospital from 4th surgery, and able to train, Renè was competed in “last Chance Qualifiers for 1984 Olympic Games, running her Personal Best ever of 13.29 but missing the qualifying time by only 8/100th of a second.


Me and Frank Manhony 1984

Without the use of any Performance enhancing Substances, despite her illness that required Heavy medications in the Steroid Family, René refusing to use any sort of medication, relied on the Natural application of HYPERTON-X, and achieved World Level performance. The success of this Method was noted by many, gained National attention, and thus the use of HYPERTON-X was born, and since has been defused throughout the World.

Andrew Howe, World Class Long Jumper, was trained using this method by his Coach/Mother René Felton Besozzi. The Philosophy and manual Technique of HYPERTON -X was one of the principle factors within his complete Training/Therapy program which lead to his numerous Victories. From Double Gold Medal in Grossetto 2004 to 2007 Silver Medal Men's Long Jump IAAF World Championships.



me and Andrew fighting back july 2011 cortesyCurrently Coach René Felton Besozzi, using the Philosophy and techniques of HYPERTON-X, has had numerous Success with athletes in other Sports disciplines; Italian Fencing, American Football in Italy, and the development of a “Water Workout” for Injuries.

HYPERTON-X – A unique method of Applies Sports Kinesiology By FRANK MAHONY works on: 

Identifying and correcting the imbalanced Muscle or Muscle Group that is in a “Hypertonic State”. The Technique works on and corrects 3 Aspects:



Reduced Range of Motion







silvano png RIDOTTOSilvano Schiochet began studying kinesiology in 1992 by attending a school of Specialized Kinesiology for six years managed by Maurizio Piva (IKSEN institute). He had the privilege to study with some of the most well known kinesiologists of the world as Dr. John F. Thie and his son Matthew with the Touch for Health seminars, Frank Mahony with Hyperton-X method, Wayne Topping with Wellness Kinesiology seminars, Dr. Bruce Dewe and his wife Joan, founders of the PKP (Professional Kinesiology Practice), Evelyn Rupp with Neurological Organization Technique (developed by Dr. Carl Ferreri). Other techniques studied are the One Brain method of the Three in One Institute, Brain Gym (learning and dyslexia), and many other naturopathic techniques.4 ABDUZIONE ADDUZIONE CONTROL PNG RIDOTTA



He works as a professional kinesiologist and served as speaker at several international conferences of Specialized Kinesiology. Silvano taught for many years the Touch for Health method then created the system "Aesthetics Kinesiology" and the "Sport Win" system. He is soon to publish his book [Volleyball Direction] a manual that teaches how to use the methods of Applied Kinesiology in the Volleyball team sport.







FINALLY, in Italy COME BACK in January 2019, Australian's Trevor Savage will be conductingInstructor

 Intense Courses of HYPERTON-X for Coaches, Therapists to Learn and apply to any Sports Discipline.




This Course is indicated for Experienced Physical Therapists, Professional Sports Massagers, All Kinesiologists, anyone who works with the care of an athlete in the Sports World.




The Cause

Articulation of Sacrum-Spinal-Cranium.

Connection to Endocine System

Muscle and Cellular Fiber involement

How to prevent muscle lesions in training

Treatment of Muscles after Training

Strengthen the current Strength/Power State

Correct Limited R.O.M. (Range of Motion)

Correct Weak, and painful Muscle

Understand the involvement of the Cranium

Learn, Test and Correct The Primary “Great 8” Muscle System, and 18 Auxiliary Systems

“Self Correction” for the Athlete daily use after practice.

Release of “static neural confusion of Scar Tissue External and Internal.

andew howe renee felton

Release of Hypertonic state of Hamstrings

Correction of Neuro-Static related to Muscular Trauma.

Learn the Technique “Neurological Organization and Sports

Gravitational Reflex

Concept of S.P.G. - the reference point on the Gluteus Medius


 Neurological “Switches” Posterior/Anterior

“Atlas Test” Anterior with Corrections

Test of the Complete Cranial Lesions

Test/Correction Eye tracking, Ears, Neck, ATM ReflexesMe Track Meet SMC 1984 Hurdles  2

Correction of “Whiplash” Neck Traumas

Test/Correct Face Traumas

Test/Correct Sleep disturbances

Test/Correct Head Traumas Concussions

Test/Correct Extremities, Shoulders

Test/Correct the Fluid movement of tendons, Bicipital Connective Tissues

Test/Correct Pain of Inflamed Bursitis

Test/Correct Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Test/Correct Ankles, Heels, Feet, Bone Spurs Inflammation of the Toes.

Test/Correct imbalance from Flat Feet, the chronic pain lower part of the legs


The entire Seminar is 80% Hands on Practical Learning

Information of the last minute:

Dr Edwin Moses the Gold Medallist in 400Meter Hurdles had suffered from brain damage.

He basically could not walk but a little with a walking stick.EDWIN MOSES roma

He contacted a mutual friend from Italy to treat him. That was Rene Felton Besozzi , now a Physiotherapist from Rome in Italy.

Rene was a Junior Californian 100 Meter hurdler Champion.

Rene was in the 1984 100 Meter USA Track and Field Team before the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games.

She had Chron’s Disease and many operations.

Frank Mahony (dec’d) was the  developer of HYPERTON-X Sports Kinesiology and he  worked with her for 3 years.

She missed out on being chosen in the 1984 USA Team by hundredths of a second!

Rene now uses HYPERTON-X as her main therapy.

This what she has used to get Edwin moving again and he now does hard physical exercise in the pool.

It is called a MIRACLE by people who know what has happened!

All in 3 weeks!

And Rene is using it on the GREAT Edwin Moses in Florida



Italy, Veneto, Conegliano city, half hour by train from the Beautyful Venice  

Test Psoas

There are those Athletes who try to achieve World Class results “without” hard work or Fatigue, they look for easy ways by using Doping substances to help them achieve results. They compromise integrity and when caught, disqualified for doping.

HYPERTON-X fights back, NO NEED for doping. When the body is properly trained, Post Training care via Therapy with correct Neuro-Muscular balance along with correct Nutrition, IT IS POSSIBLE to achieve your Personal Best Great Results with Healthy Mind and Body. 

Rene Felton Besozzi